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Dream # 22 - 7/29/04

Starts out in present day, well, maybe a little in the future because I was a bit older. I'm a research assistant to quite the scientist, one who has an entire organization pretty much dedicated to the paranormal. My particular line of expertise? Myths, fables, and their pasts. We, in general, research and preserve artifacts pertaining to anything paranormal. We are the same organization that works at Area 51, and we have branches that work under the Pope directly. We have tons of underground supporters and income for researching whatever it is that particular patron wants. I work in a branch in Europe, Italy to be more exact, and Our headquarters is contained in what used to be an old theater; Teatro dei Vampires. And, as guessable, this branch is working under several weathy Europeans who wish to find out about Vampires and if they were ever real. Thus far, my research shows they were, and just 300 years ago, they performed in the very building I worked in (Anne Rice come to mind?). I was headed over to my supervisor/leader, that scientist, to tell him a new discovery I found that would lead me into Paris, when He stopped me and said I had a new mission.

I were to be sent back in time, with a new partner efficient in Italian history, and see if Vampires were real. I was shocked, but had no choice as I was forced into this pod and sent back into time. we were teleported to the theater 300 years earlier, into the same room that was now a dining room, with long tables flanked with equally long benches. The room was full with people who all stopped what they were doing to look at us, in the pod. my partner did all the explaining as I examined the people, who all had white skin and beautiful features. they were angry at first, but upon seeing my partner,they all seemed to react differently, inviting us to a table to join the feast. They all leared at me, and made me feel real uncomfortable, but my partner was immediately swept up into conversations I couldnt understand completely due to them speaking in old Italian. I kept looking at my partner, confused with him.

I was given some delicious food that I readily ate, and I couldnt help it. I paid attention to my partner to realize he had a thing for the asian vampire, who was obviously with thier leader, a lad with bright blonde hair, and she seemed to know who my partner was. they all did. I soon realized he was one of them, or at least used to be, now a reincarnation of a vampire they all knew and saw killed by a human hunter. I was shocked...and suddenly afraid for my life. my partner, i wanna call him Brett, but they called him Lethius, put an arm around my waist and pulled me closer to him. "Dont worry, I wont let anything happen to you...But...we're not going back, either." I looked at him, mortified at the implications, yet intrigued of them at the same time. the others all smiled and laughed at my reactions, then lunged at me and Lethius. The last thing i thought about was "Bagheera will never see me again..." and that being the only thing I'd miss and be sad about.

Wierd, ne? Being a vampire would rock, tho. I also think this would be a good story...I might have to work on that...
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