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Dream # 21 - 7/14/04

Dreaming while in and out of conciousness during a major headache, It was a nice get away from my aches and pains...

I was the star in a sitcom with a twist, and my name was Tiffany. This particular show was going to be about Tiffany meeting an Idol of hers, only the show threw things into the mix that would mess with me, the real person, as I acted out whatever they wanted me to, and they'd film all of my initial reactions. A hybrid reality/sitcom show. Tiffany (me) was going to a concert where she would be excited and happy about it, but have shitty seats, so the whole show was about her trying to get closer. I knew all of that going in, and I knew what was I was going to do, but anything after that was just ad-libing once I'd find out who it was. I had no idea.

We start filming, the "concert" packed full with people, and I'm in the back, standing on my chair trying to see who it is. If they were watching, the Audience whould know who I was there to see by this point, but as they were filming, I had no idea, so I was just as curious and excited as my character would be. I tried to sneak down the isle, but bouncers/ushers would catch me and send me back up. This part was all scripted. All I could hear were the extras screaming and cheering, because things like the concert music qould be added later. I looked up and saw a balcony where some people would stop from thier ways to/from the bathroom to look down at the concert from, and there was weird sculptures that stretched from the balconies down towards the stage, like elaborate slides of plexiglass. I ran upstairs and climbed out onto the slide, making it as awkward and funny as possible for the camera, and "lost my footing" to slide all the way down the ramp until I was barely hanging on over the stage. Everyone below gasped as they looked up at me, including the secret guest, DAVID BOWIE! I gasped and stared at him, only a couple feet above where he stood, and forgot what was happening, until I fell completely off the sculpture, onto the stage, where I "passed out", but only for the cameras, quickly remembering my place. Good time for commercial break.

They filmed me being taken away from the stage by Bowie's bodyguards and into some back room, unknown wether I were to be repremanded or taken care of. Other people were in the room when I woke up and they were all chattering about me. I stumbled off the couch and fell to the floor in "shock" for the canned laughter cue. I met some wierd people, made for more improv on my part. David Bowie came back from the concert to great his "back stage guests", and I was in awe, standing completely still with my jaw ajar. He greeted people until he saw me standing there, and came over to me, asking if I was ok. I stumbled a reply, and he said he was glad, but I had to leave now. I nearly cried, saying what? i thought...but...what? and his bodyguard threw me out. I pounded on the door and the friend i was at the concert with found me, and together we started to walk home, after standing outside the door for a long time, hoping he would come back out. When leaving, I saw a limo coming down the back alley and I jumped in front of it, so it hit me, on purpose. The driver rushed out and so did Bowie, exclaiming "Bloody crazy girl!" when he "recognized" me. the driver went to call help, and Bowie sat down on the ground, putting my head in his lap. "You really are bloody crazy, yanno, all that just to meet me?" I smiled and said my catch phrase "Yup, because I'm Arica!" then the producer loudly whispered "Tiffany!" "Oh, I mean, because I'm Tiffany!" Then the director yelled cut. and I just layed there in Bowie's lap, looking up at him. He looked back at me for a while until he started to laugh, "You gonna get up anytime soon?" Then I woke up. His eyes were so real...Bowie dreams are the best...
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