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Dream #20 - 6/14/04

Last night's dream was crazy-wierd. I dreamt that my entire street was really one big campground, and that there were no houses, just tents, sometimes elaborate ones, or campers, but they were all in the same exact places as the houses there now. It had been an esspecially cold night, and Bagheera was just as cold as me. She crawled into my pant's, I was wearing these kick ass black jeans that had giant pockets on the back of my legs, about halfway down them. I had to pee, because I just woke up, and had to walk to the bathroom facility, which was down the road, where construction is right now. I kept Bagheera in my pants because I didn't want her to freeze, or try to tear a hole in the tent to follow me, because my mom said it was a problem. The whole way there I was trying to walk fast enough so she wouldn't want to jump out, but not so fast that it'd agitate her. Once I got to the bathroom and stopped, she climbed up my pantleg up to my shoulder. I was really confused by the bathroom said men in another language, and only had a little picture of a man in parenthesis under the word, and the woman's had a picture of a hippo with a bow. Some lady had accidentally went into the men's, obviously as confused as I was. I went inside only to find out the signs didn't matter, because it was co-ed anyway. It had that "campground bathroom" feel to it, yet different. This guy came in after me, someone I'd never seen before, and he was pretty cute. He said good morning to me, and asked how my shoulder was, because Bagheera was digging into my skin. I knew he was gay right away, and I was put into a good mood. He went into one stall and I into another. The individual bathroom stalls were huge, with a bath/shower, and a changing area, but from the front it look like any normal bathroom stall. Even with such luxerious anemeties, it was all slightly dingy, and with that campground bathroom yellow tint to it all. The gay guy next to me had dropped some money under the stall, so I handed it back over to him. Bagheera was roaming around the bathtub. I finished up and grabbed Baggs before I left to wash my hands. At the sink areas there was one of those guys in fancy restrooms...the ones that give you towels and maybe a little cologne or mint or whatever you could think of needing. He gave Bagheera a cat treat, and me a warm damp towel. The gay guy came out and we talked some more as we both walked towards our tents together. Bagheera still on my shoulder. As we said bye, I woke up.
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