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Dream #19 - 6/6/04

Dream from the last two nights have been V. wierd. two nights ago, I dreamt Matt from Indiana came back here for a visit after he and his girlfriend broke up. This time I wasn't so busy, or shy, and I got to hang out with him more. We went to some amusement park, hiking, swimming in freezing waters, and watched tons of movies. towards the end of his stay with us, he and I ended up "together", I suppose. It was bizzar.

Last night I dreamt we lived in a house like the one in California, only it was still up here in Bothell. Matt was visiting, again, and I was grounded for some parents were really really pissed at me. Well, ok, so I know the reason, because it's a reason I'm dealing with IRL. ANYway, I was throughly upset, my brother and his friend along with Matt were trying to cheer me up and layed in my giant bed with me watching movies, all the while I was trying to escape from my room to see Jonathan, but my dad would find me and hell would break loose. V. wierd. Don't get why I would dream about Matt...haven't talked to him in ages.
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