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Dream #17 - 4/21/04

I had decided to move to New Zealand to go to college. Don't know why, other then to be surrounded by the beautiful scenery all the time. I had gone through my 4 years and today was my last day of school, which should have made me sad because I was going back to Washington in a week, but everyone in school were in great moods, anticipating the most exciting thing; LotR shooting. Like a typical New Line cinematic blockbuster, they decided to bastardize the books and create a sequel to The Lord of the Rings. It took place after the last book, of course, and the main plot was that Saruman (who didn't die in the first three) was back and trying to harvest a new army and power to take over Middle Earth once more. Gandalf, Aragorn, Frodo and Gimli were all back and together going in search of a way to stop him. They fought tough battles and everything once more. Odd, Leggy wasn't in my dream, but whatever.

For the movie, they wanted to shoot a particular scene in which Gandalf and Frodo resurrect some sea creature out of the ocean, the beach just so happened to be the beach our school owned. No one was in class, they were all on the beach, under the upper porch and lounging on beach towels, chatting, laughing, whispering, etc etc. Since I had been at the school for four years and was one of the very few students from America, Elijah Wood and I somehow became accuainted and I ended up showing him around during his breaks. Only, whatever they were doing in the filming, they were actually doing, so he was pretty beat up and having a hard time walking on his sore hobbit feet. I had to help him get around. I've never had a crush on Elijah, but in this dream, there was something about him that was too sexy, maybe it was the Hobbit stuff, haha.

So anyway, after one of the walks we went on, Mydske came up to me (evidently people from here came over because I went?) and was begging me to talk to him to get him into the movie. I kept telling him no. Elijah finished shooting a scene again and called me on my cell, asking me to come see him again, so I did, and Mydske followed. E asked me what was up with Mydske and I told him what he wanted, and E looked at him and just said "I'll see what I can do.", but then I told him i really didn't think he had to. "You wanna be in the movie?" he asked, and I immediately said no. Told him I'm not "movie material". He looked at me sadly with those huge eyes of his and then whispered all kinds of sweet things into my ear, but I don't remember them, then he kissed me. Jackson called him back as soon as he did, and he had to do some more scenes. "Dinner tonight?" he asked over his shoulder. "O-okay..." "I'll call ya."

I floated upstairs towards my dorm, with all these New Zealand girls hissing at me, and ran into Ola. I told her about what happened and she had this face of utter-disbelief and disgust all at the same time. "Ew! He's so *gross*!" I just shrugged and went back to my room, layed on my bed, cell phone next to me, and fell asleep. The End.
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