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Dream #16 - 4/12/04

My boyfriend was this normal, kinda skinny, wierd guy and we were getting married. All of my friends were also getting married soon, so for some reason I felt pressure to do so as well. I believe the dream was taking place in the 30s/40s, so its understandable. On the day of my wedding, the groom ditched out on me, running off with a co-worker of his instead. I was crushed, completely devastated, but all my friends comforted me. We were in my front yard one evening when this young man came to my driveway, heading towards my front door when we noticed eachother. He asked if I were Arica, and I told him yes. He then produced a beautiful flower arangement and said it was for me. I was perplexed, and couldn't find out who it was from, other then a secret admirer. That night, I woke up from someone tapping on my window. I opened the blinds and there stood Marky Mark (Mark Walberg). I asked what he wanted, quite startled, and he said he couldn't wait til morning, he needed to see me tonight. Ends up he was a guy that had seen me around town quite alot and became infatuated with me, without ever meeting me. I was stunned, and still quite uneasy, but when he asked if I would go on at least one date with him, I agreed. He was quite the cutey (even though IRL I dont think Marky is...). The next night we went out and I had a great time and really liked him. We started dating and time went by, and eventually he asked me to marry him, to which I said yes. My guy friends all loved him, but my little sister and best friend, Winnona Rider, hated him. She knew something just wasn't right with him. One night she followed him home and found him with another woman. Shocked, she left immediately to come inform me, but he had seen her. He chased her down and started to brutally attack her. She struggled, and got ahold of a metal bar and started to attack him back, until she was able to run away to me. For some reason, I didn't believe her, or the marks, and when I found Marky "unconcious" in the ditch, I swore her out of my life for good.

More dream went on, and more things happened, like another friend seeing him do something horrible and them him dissappearing before he could tell me. Just before Marky and I were to be wed, I got scared because of some of the pieces I was finally putting together, he and I fought, and it ended with me being thrown into the wall and banged up pretty good. When things calmed down, I told him I was leaving and didn't want to see him ever again...he was upset, but left the house. That night, while I was packing to go back home with my parents for a while, where ever that was, he showed up with a gun and pointed it at my head, yelling about how no one leaves him. He killed me, then himself. Winnona was the one to find us, then I woke up. Crazy crazy dream...
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