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Dream #16 - 4/2/04

Haven't been sleeping right lately, because of this job I've been doing, mainly, but last night was my first free night since because I finally finished the job. I slept so good. Well, for me anyway. This is the main dream I remember...

At some party with my brother and one of his friends. They go mingling away from me and I bump into my cousin, Lindsey. We're happy to see eachother, and esspecially her because her friends ditched her there and something wasn't quite right with how she was feeling. As the dream went on, and the party, her personality started to change dramatically and I quickly realized she had been drugged. As I frantically looked around the place for my brother, I held her up as she babbled things and had problems moving her own feet. We slipped into a quiet room and as i looked to put her down on a couch, she exclaims "It's Kid Rock!". Sure enough, on the floor, was Kid Rock. Lindsey and I both sat down on the couch and he perked up, asking what was wrong with her. Told him I didn't know, but explained to him her symptoms and he laughed and told me she was on something, but I don't remember what he called it. She eventually fell asleep on my shoulder as I continued to talk to KR, who seemed to Morph into Johnny Depp. I stared at him, as he talked about something, and kept thinking "My GAWD, its Johnny....but wait, he was icky Kid Rock a moment" and when I concentrated, he would kinda morph back into KR, but then back into Johnny again. I gave up because well, Johhny is so much better, and Johnny was touching my leg. When I realized he was rubbing my leg, I freaked because I hadn't shaved in a while so I felt all icky. I pulled my leg back and he grabbed it, saying something about "Natural women are a big turn on for me" and I cringed, then replied "Yeah, what about lazy ones?" and got a laugh out of him. He started to sit up to lean into a kiss when my brother showed up. "We really need to leave, Joey drank something that's not sitting right with him!" and he was showing the same signs. Johnny helped me take both Lindsey and Joey back to the van and offered to follow me home, just to make sure everything was alright, but I turned him down and as I drove off, the dream ended.

Why the fuck would I do that? *coos the air* Johnny...come can come over to my place anytime...merr.
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