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Dream #15 - 2/27/04

Im in some appartment, i think it was supposed to be either mine or jonathan's, but he and i were both there, and so were a bunch of other people. we had all just got done watching equilibrium and so we were all jus illin' talking about misc. stuff, most of which i was being floopy and random, so id say something wierd and off the wall, and jonathan would slap me on my leg...which is par for the course generally. so anyway, just as this one guy was about to leave, i had flipped through the channels and found one that had Sean Astin and Elijah Wood on the screen. i howled over Sean, going "pwah! its sam! *drool*" for which i got slapped for as well. "i thought your only boy toy from that movie was Legolas!" and then i was all " the character...but actor? sean is sooo much better!" then i attacked the air like i usually do when i think somethings cute. so we started to watch the movie, and i talked about how cute Seanny boy was in 50 First Dates, and this one guy that was there (which i think was actually my mom's friend) was all "you actually saw that movie? ptah", and then i was going to rebuttal it when the show had all kinds of other stars pop out on screen, then a bunch of little boys. i was all "WTF??", but quickly realized what was happening...the group of stars, all males, were going out into the wilderness against a bushel of boyscouts, and then they'd survivor-style it out, seeing which group does better; grown men stars, or pre-teen boyscouts. i loved the idea. Stiffler was in it, Ashton Kusher was there, The Boy Meets World guy, Malcolm in the Middle guy, and i dunno who else, those are all that come to mind. so yeah, the two groups split up and go into the wilderness, and then they do switch overs every once a while with the camera views, just like in survivor, to show where each team was. the boyscouts were kickin the stars' asses, because the stars kept goofin around and hammin it up for the camera, and for eachother, while the boyscouts just...kicked ass. it was really amusing. then i woke up. that should SO be a tv show...i would watch it! only...both teasm should have girls in them. yeah...good times.
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