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Dream #14 - 2/24/04

I'm a queen, or supreme ruler (however ya wanna look at it) of this castle. David Bowie style, like im the Goblin Queen. i have control over armies of creatures and one gigantic monster...who's actually my pet. its like a giant...bear cat thing. its cute, but horribly terrifying. right? ok, so im in my castle, and one of my minions come up to me and is all "Your Highness, what shall you have us do?" then, this is the trippy part, it goes video game stylin and gives me a prompt, in my dream, of "Attack!", "Loot!", or "Skip Turn". Without skippin a beat, i "select", with my royal self's own hand into the little prompt bubble over my head, "Attack!", then the dream blurs, and then refocuses on a map of sorts, then i can scroll around to look at different areas, and, starting the view on my own castle, i look around to find other castles a little ways away. i select one and it shows the name, then my minion says "ATTACK!" and it zooms back into my castle, with all my little men getting ready and marching out towards the enemy i chose. even my giant pet bearcat gets on gear and goes out to war with them. it was insanely cute...but me, as my royal badness, just stood in the high tower, staring down on all of them with a sense of masochistic glee on my face, as i blew a kiss to my bearcat who stared up at me with such a sadness. it kinda reminded me of Bagheera...but mixed with a bear. it was awesomely sad.

so yeah, my army goes over to the other kingdom and totally rips into bearcat destroyed alot of i was upset about that because i wanted that castle as my vacation spot! and i needed the income from the peasants that lived there who would be under my rule once the recent power was dead. and yes, these are all things my royal badness was thinking about. so i called my bearcat back home and then punished it for being so ruthless...which in turn made me absolutely horribly ruthless because man, i was a spoiled power hungry bitch. after the punishment ended, i selected the option to zoom out again to view my army and the castle i attacked. it wasnt completely distroyed...but the main castle was in ruins more or less...the surrounding villas and such were still in good condition...which is all good cause those damn villagers were all i cared about. so i gathered my army, by highlighting them all, then told them to attack the next kingdom. just as they arrived at the gates, however, that kingdom revealed its greatest foe; a green dragon! so yeah, it ate and toasted most my armies, but the few that escaped and came home. so i sent bearcat back out. bearcat was getting a severe beatin, but i was too busy resurrecting new goblins to was sad. then i woke up. i almost forgot this dream, that would have been upsetting. this dream kicked ass.
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