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Dream #13 - 2/22/04

I have this best friend who's always on the borer of being gay, not like i judge him, but its just obvious in my dream. he and i are near inseperable and do everything together, just about. one day, while im busy with school or something, he gets attacked and beat up by some local boys who are always teasing him about his "pansyness" or whatever. after that happens, nothings the same with him and just becomes cold and mean to everyone around him, including me. im heart broken, but i move on with my life, still occasionally calling him to see how he is. from here on out, its still me everything is happening to, but my dream switches to me stting in front of a tv, watching everything thats happening to me. its wierd. so i watch myself as i go to this huge house to babysit three children, two girls and a boy. me and the kids watch movies and play games when a knock at the door is heard. i go over (bam, im back in my body in the tv) and look out the peephole to see my friend, who i guess was named justin. i opened the door and gave him a huge hug, asking him what he was doing here. "just came to keep you company i guess" i was glad to see him. we went into the living room where the kids were and watched another movie (back into me watching me on tv mode). about thirty minutes later (in my dream that is), Justin started to act really uncomfortable. (back in my body) next thing i know, the children are tied up and put in a room, the door shut. im screaming, but i have a gag in my mouth. Justin is walking back from just closing the door and stares down at me. he grabs ahold of my arms, which are tied, and tells me to get up. (back in tv watching mode) i watch as he takes me upstairs, into the master bedroom, and throws me on the bed. he mutters all kinds of angry things, about proving hes not gay, about being a man, about how hell show those fucks. (back in me mode) then he starts to rape me, and im screaming and thrashing around, but cant do anything. he gets done with his mission and then leaves the room to go to the bathroom, telling me to just stay there. as soon as he closes the bathroom door, i jump up and get over to the desk where i find a metal letter opener. i then collasp at the side of the bed, fearing what might happen next. (tv mode) he comes out of the bathroom and just stares at me as i cower next to the bed, still gaged and bound, holding the letter opener behind my back. he just stares at me with unemotional eyes, then tells me to get back on the bed, hes not done with me yet. i stand up and drop the utensil in the drawer of the nightstand, then try to "talk" to him through my gag. "what?" he says as he comes over and takes it off. (me mode) "undo my binds, they really hurt...i promise not to scream, ill obey." I didnt think it would work as he stared at me with uncertainty, so i leaned over and kissed him and felt him relax. "you have no idea how long ive wanted that" he tells me...and i just cringe inside. he takes my binds off then pulls me into bed on top of him. I then pull a Kill Bill Move on him and grab the makeshift knife out of the drawer as his eyes are closed and just thrust it down into his chest, over and over again, crying all the while. i immediately jump off of him and crawl into a corner, whimpering. then i remember the children and call the police.

(tv mode) im charged with all kinds of battery and the such. he didnt die. im so upset about having to go through the entire ordeal that alot of what happened is a blur, such a blur that i cant tell officials what happened exactly. i get out of all the charges, however, because of all the evidence pointing towards my version of the story being right, not his, but he also gets away. (me mode) im left an empty shell of a human being, watching TV all day, seeing my own "re-inactment" of the situation on tv with no name actors playing everyone. then i wake up. fuckin trippy ass dream. it made me feel really violated.
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