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Dream #9 - 12/9/03

Had this dream before...only it was slightly different. Baggy on the mind. I was sitting in the living room and Bagheera, my cat, came running into me. i picked her up to see she had wierd skinny feathers sticking out of her mouth. i was taken aback, we dont have any birds, let alone anything with such feathers, and shes not allowed outside. i stood up and walked towards the back door to find some more of the strange feathers...looking outback, i saw an area close to the blackberry bushes that had clumps of these feathers everywhere. i walked out there, still holding baggy, and approached the area. just then Bagheera jumps outta my arms and runs over to the bushes...i look into the thicket and there she is, standing on top of an Emu carcass. she was just looking at me, circling round and round, obviously quite proud of herself. fucking wierd dream. my cat kicks your cats ass.
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