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Dream #23 - 8/11/04

I had what seemed like hundreds of dreams last night...and they were all really bizzare. I only remember three of them decently enough, but the one consisting of me and my brother going to the premire opening of some new Disney theme park in Cali is the best.

We walked into the building and it was emense...and ominous, but filled with shopping goods. We as good as ran through the building, but it kept going on and on, til I realized it was several smaller "buildings" joined together to make one long series of stores, just like on Main Street in DL. Only this time there were no doors to exit, just store after endless store. We finally made it to the end, beating the pulsing crowd, and emerged onto a street that reminded me of Hollywood, but 40-50 years ago. I spotted Minnie Mouse across the road from us, and she was dressed all slutty. My jaw dropped as Mickey came out of a building, dressed in a leisure suit, and walked up to Minnie, her calling him "big boy" and other slutty-esque things, for the time era. He gave her money and they headed back into the building, together. My brother and I looked at eachother, me horrified, he laughing. I shook it off and we walked down the street, realizing all the shops we walked through had doors, but were sealed off to make the new comers traverse the shops throughly.

Chip and Dale were dressed in what appeared to be gangster-like clothing, and were rolling a keg across the road, looking around suspiciously, until they reached a Pub. As soon as they entered the Pub, Donald came around the corner, dressed in a Police suit, and he went straight for the Pub. We looked at eachother and ran across the street to see what was going on. Inside, Pluto was playing the piano (of course these are all people in costumes), and Pochahontas was serving drinks to some of the Disney characters. We sat down and watched as Donald looked around the place, inspecting the drinks to make sure they were all soda and water, then left after he was convinced. Just as that happened, Pluto jumped up and flipped a switch, rotating the stage around so a large fish tank was there, microphones in the water. Fish emerged from the rocks immediately and started rocking out on trumpets and other Jazz type sounds, like in Little Mermaid, and Pluto was rockin the piano. The keg was brought out and poured for everyone, including my brother and I, and it was full with Moonshine. All the patrons were hooping and hollering as Jessica Rabbit walked on stage and did a Chicago type number. I just watched with wide eyes and a gaping mouth, not knowing what to think about it all. My brother was entirely amused, still just laughing. "this is the best Disney park, yet!" I just cocked my head to the side, and realized, yeah, this *is* fucking cool. We left and saw some more really fucked shit, like a gangster shoot out between various characters, Goofy dressed like a Pimp, etc.

We entered a different land, one set in Medieval ages, Mickey and Minnie were the king and Queen, of course, Goofy and Donald, along with other key characters, were Knights, Daisy and a few of the "princesses" were servents, then there were serfs and villagers, etc etc. There was a giant stone castle with stone walls encasing it and the town around the castle, and on a hill outside the walls lived a fire breathing dragon, which attacked the village two times daily, at noon and 3, and once at night, at 8. All of these characters were dressed in renaissance clothing, and were dirty looking. A few were locked in stockades, looking pitiful. Chickens, pigs, sheep and cows roamed free, leaving the streets filthy. Wenches and white slaves were sold and carted around on ropes. There were more pubs and whores. Just as we were about to enter the next land, I woke up.
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