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Dream #18 - 5/12/04

My dream a couple nights ago consisted of me, my mom, Jonathan, and my brother, all at my house. There was some awful stench coming from somewhere in the front yard, so Jonathan and I were investigating, all while my brother tried to show me "tricks and stunts" in his "fort". I ignored him, for the most part, and ventured into the little thicket in the front left of our yard. Jonathan pushed ahead of me and suddenly stopped, his gaze slowly going up, and then staring in awe. It was a giant banana tree. Only this was a wierd ass banana tree, and in order to protect the banana bunches, it formed hollow, top and bottom-less, cylinders of husk, like a coconut husk, to surround the fragile fruit. I yelled for mom and bro to come over. One of the banana bunches had rotted, and thick black rotten banana syrup ran down from the top, through the husks and over fresh bushels, then down the trunk and I realized I was standing in a puddle of it. I shrieked a little and backed away, telling Jonathan to get out of it. It took alot to pick my feet up because it was so thick and sticky. There were dead lizards and bugs stuck in it, even a bird. As we stood there, the ooze spread farther and faster, stretching towards the house, and we kept backing up, panicking about what to do. my mom was horrified and froze in her tracks. my brother was getting bags of soil and trying to dump it on top of the ooze to soak it up, but it didnt work. We started to dig a trench in front of it, but as i dug, it quickly filled it up and i got stuck in it. Jonathan was trying to get me out, then I woke up.

Why bananas?
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