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Dream #11 - 2/5/04

Haven't updated in a while...I guess that's due to some really bad sleeping habbits, or lack thereof. While I have been sick, however, ive had a few fucked up dreams...but this is the most memorable.

I'm in a coffee shop, waiting for someone. I look down and read the card in my hand; "I'll meet you at noon in the coffee shop, you know which one." I look around and don't recognize the place, or people, or even the streets outside the windows, but the clock says noon and a figure walks in the door. He's tall and kind of buff looking, but I can't tell really well because hes in a full suit, including a hat that shadows his face. He walks towards my table and sits down, I still have no idea who he is. I strain to see his face, but it's no good, almost as if there is no face. He orders an Americano and then faces me again, taking off his hat. I finally see his face, but i dont recognize it. I do know he's beautiful beyond explanation...not "hot" or "cute" or "handsome"...he's as if he should be a statue somewhere being worshipped for his perfection. He, non-chalantly, simply greats me with a "Hi!", and I just stare at him blankly. "W-who are you?" he just laughs at me, like I'm playing a joke with him and I've known him all my life. He just talks...talks about his day, talks about how he's missed me, talks about his pet dog...just normal everyday things, I suppose. But I'm not really listening, because as I stare at him, a shadow-esque shape expands from him...first; black, transparent, menacing wings fold out from his back, then they grow and so does his bodies' frame...then I realize what I'm looking at, a devil. Or, what my minds thinks a devil should look like, But I know it's a devil, this man, he's a devil. It doesn't scare me, or really shock me, I just find him that much more beautiful, and just marvel at it all. I reached out to touch the wings engolfing me, and he stops talking. "You alright?" then I wake up. It was a calming dream, actually...I had coffee with the devil.
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