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Dream #10 - 12/15/03

The dream starts and its like a combination of Final Fantasy, and Fifth Element. i'm me...but look like Lulu (or i think thats her name) from Fifth Ele. i meet up with these two guys at this event i was at, and they seem like assholes and only want to ignore me...but i have something telling me that i should follow them. outside the event, around the back of a building, they ask me why i am following them, and i ask why they are dressed so strangely. just then, a very sickly man comes around the corner. the two guys urge me to leave, tell me to run away. the sickly man bursts into this creature that resembles the human/alien in Alien: Resurection. the men fight and try to kill it, and i back around the corner, unsure of what to do, thiking this was out of my hands, when one of the creatures came up behind me. suddenly, an inner nature kicks in and i kick the shit out of it. i was shocked that i knew how to do the things i did. i went back to the guys to see they killed the creature and had left already, into this forest. i ran after them. when i caught up, i was asking them tons of questions about what that creature was, but they had no idea i had killed one, so they were more or less ignoring me. i insisted i follow them. we get to this fork in the forest where there were man-made concrete walls and ledges every where. to the left was a passage that seemed to lead to a ravine, and the right passage had a thick dense forest that was pitch black and seemed to go on forever. the guys look to the right and nod to one another. i say "were not going in there are we?" and they just look at me with that "we?" look.

suddenly, a gush of water rushed through the opening of the forest we came through in. the men scurried quickly up onto the concrete ledges, and i quickly followed. the water filled the area below us, then collected and turned into this nasty bloby creature. they immediately started attacking it, but i again didnt know what to do. more creatures came, and they became occupied, so the big blob came after me, almost like it was attracted to me. the inner thing kicked in again and in no time, i had killed not only the blob, the the two other creatures the men were struggling with. the men were amazed...but then told me they have been looking for me...but thought they were looking for a man. we went through the dense black forest and when we got to the other side we went to thier "headquarters", which was a holloween costume shop. inside they informed me that these creatures have always been alive in the world, but normal people never see them until its too late. one of the guys was a victim, but luckily the other came in time to kill the beast. once you see the creatures, you always see them. its a sort of being able to see demons and angels, but knowing no one else would ever believe you. or so they told me. They explained that I have been the first female to be apart of thier group. females are the creatures food of choice. but they knew i wasnt a normal female...they knew more about me then i cared to know. i had some inner power which with me, they could fight them more fairly and maybe eventually rid the earth of them. once i saw the first creature, they all became aware of my presence and would come for me.

i was a little over whelmed, but i had no choice. just then more of the monsters were coming, and i could feel it. we got prepared and made all the people in the store leave. we went back to the back of the store and collected weapons, which they had an abundance of. a sea of them came. they burst through windows, some could walk through walls, some would turn into water and just seep into the building. they seemed to be elemental, so normally they would look like only water, wind, earth or fire to most humans...sometimes even taking the form of the human they consumed. i fought my way through the thicket of them, but they kept surrounding me, more or less ignoring the other men in the building, which made it easier for them to kill some. i was getting tired of fighting, but something inside drove me to fight more. a burst of energy escaped from me, raising me above them all, knocking me out. when i awoke, the two men were standing over me. all the creatures were gone. the energy within me took over and destroyed them all in one energy blow. we were packed and ready to leave. onto the next monster infested area. i knew we had to go the the most busiest place around, New York. to rid that city of monsters would mean a hearty depleation.

then, i woke up. i thought it was a cool dream.
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