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Dream #10 - 12/12/03

Had a hard time sleeping last night. this morning i kept waking up, but once i went back to sleep, id be right back in the dream. my dad brother and i were in New York City. We were there for a M&M convention. there was this really cool guy who was working there that i got to know. my dad brother and i kept wondering around NYC really running across streets even though cars were coming. we had this really cool hotel room. we went out to dinner at this chinese place and this crossdressing asian man was using telepathy to spy on me. i kept asking him/her to stop politely, but they wouldnt...and the people he/she was with were just laughing about it. it was wierd, hed project an image of the guy from the convention to follow me. the guy kinda looked like "Cory's" best friend from Boy Meets World (cant remember the actors name). my brother and dad started laughing at me too cause i was freaking out about this image...and no one else seemed to think it was freakin wierd. so i ran back to the hotel and jumped on the bed. then i took a bath. then alot of other wierd things happened, but i dont remember them.
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