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Dream #8 - 12/7/03

i had been outside doing something...walking the dog, i dont know...and found the cutest tree frog. it let me pick it up and just hold i decided i wanted to keep it. i called it Gek, im assuming after gecko, though i dont really know. i started training it to come to me when i called (him). i showed my dad...but just then a huge storm hit and part of the kitchen ceiling was leaking, alot. it was through one of the lights, which i sware i broke in another dream i had a day or two ago, so that was wierd. my dad used the tank i was gonna for gek to catch the rain with, even though the beta fish was in it. then my mom came home and i was showing her gek, when bagheera lunged after him, trying ta bite him. i was pissed that someone let her out, and put her away again. i decided to let gek just run around on his own, and when i called him hed come hoppin in to me. it was so cute. but one time i called him, and there was no sight of him...i went in search and just then baggy runs past me, into the computer room, and i hear her growl something horrid...and muffled. i run into the comp room to see her stretching something green in ther mouth and claws...there were legs everywhere, and was just horrible. i was screaming, i grabbed her and kicked her ass, then threw her into the garage. it was so upsetting...then i woke up, baggy was purring and rubbing all over my face.
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