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Dream #6 - 9/19/03

Back in Cali, once again, and in Disney's "Downtown" area...only there is like a huge three story high grocery store and a very large, very extravigant FAO Swartz. my mom and i are in front of the very top floor of the grocery store and in the middle of this mall-like environment, they are premering some movie on this large triangled (so every direction can see it) set of three movie screens thats suspended high in the air. anyway, its a movie with Ryan O'Donahue, a childhood accaintance gone miniscule hollywood. i knew him in early elementary and then again in 5th-6th grade. he was one of the boys in kindergarten-1st grade that would chase me and my girlfriends around the school yard during reccess. he was always touching me and asking me stupid one day while getting lunch, i slammed on his foot with my cowgirl boots. i was proud.

anyway, back to my dream. we were watching the movie when i got bored of it and turned around. by these elevators stood Ryan! i nudged my mom and told her, and she wasted no time in going over there to great him, telling him she has known him since he was just a tiny lil guy. he asked how, and i decided to butt in. i told him how we went to the same school, ekstrand elementary, and how he used to chase me around, how he was friends with casey and Joey. i knew he remembered because his face wasnt that of complete confusion, but he had no idea who i was, which was granted. then he said "yeah, i dont care." and started to walk away. it took alot for me to confront him, so i was pissed. i told my mom id meet her and everyone else in the "courtyard in FAO", and i took off. next thing i know, i hear a guys voice from behind me saying "hey, wait a minute." i turn around and theres ryan, coming down the escalator towards me. for some reason or another, i ran off. he chased me and it eventually grew into a game. a game we played for a long time.

when he finally caught up to me, he was just out of reach to grab my arm, so he only was able to barely grab my hand, but then i was out of reach again. he gave up and walked up the escalator. i turned around and went back up too, to find him leaning against a wall. i went up to him and introduced myself, and then we started talking. we were there for a while, then my mom shows up. she invites him to dinner with us and he agrees to come. next thing i know he and i are holding hands and are and shiznat. after dinner we went to find our hotel, and he decides hes going to join us there too, and go to DLand with us the next day, telling us how he has a contract with Disney, so he can get us all kinds of deals...then i wake up. whats with these dreams with people i havent seen in almost a decade now....
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